What makes a good advertisement?

An "advertisement that conveys" the five questions, Who?, To whom?, What?, When?, and How? in a manner that's easy to understand.
Quite surprisingly, it is actually difficult to accurately answer these five questions, for which the answers seem so obvious. Have you become a bit unsure about what the purpose of your ad is or overlooked anything halfway through the creation stage? Here at Number Nine, we have a concept sheet used for figuring out and organizing the answers to these five questions, and we work hard toward creating advertisements that "convey" the message of the person requesting the advertisement.

  • Who?
    The first step is to help the person who is creating the advertisement understand what kind of company you are (and the first step for the person creating the advertisement is to indeed understand). You will not be able to formulate any kind of concept if the actual essence of the person or company who is to use the advertisement remains unclear.
  • To whom?
    It seems like this would obviously be "to the customer," but have you actually looked into the faces of your customers to see what type of people they are? You won't be able to come up with an effective advertising concept unless you sit down and actually visual who is in your target audience.
  • What?
    If you put too many things into your advertisement all at once, you will begin to lose focus. It is very important to actually thoroughly understand what the special characteristics for your products and services are and what points you should try to concentrate on in your advertisement.
  • When?
    This does not refer to merely the time of season or economical situation throughout the world. It is also very important to consider the timing of the advertisement based on the circumstances of the person or company who plan to use it.
  • How?
    Once you narrow down the answers to the above points, the principal focus for answering the question of "How?" should start to become quite clear. You can also make it even clearer when considering the actual methods and technology that you want to use.

Production Flowchart

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