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A Japanese Graphic and Web Design Company | Number Nine Co., Ltd.


Number Nine is a company that was founded in order to meet the needs of client companies, from advertisements and sales promotions to different types of promotions and business models, with integrated abilities combining planning, system construction, and creativity.


Number Nine delivers all different kinds of "producing (monozukiri)" services related to advertising that are perfect for the business strategy at hand.
  Design and Creation of Advertisements and Sales Promotion Materials
  Services Ranging from Design to Operation of Website
  Corporate Identity (CI) and Visual Identity (VI) Logo Design
  Newspaper, Magazine, and Transportation Advertising
  Packaging, POP Design, and Novelty Goods
  Printing of Paper Media
  Video Production, Video Photography, Editing
  Advertising Photography

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What makes a good advertisement?

An "advertisement that conveys" the five questions, Who?, To whom?, What?, When?, and How? in a manner that's easy to understand.

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